M.R. James - Eton And King’s Recollections, Williams & Norgate, 1926, with handwritten note from M.R.James

  • £550.00

Introducing "Eton And King's Recollections" by M.R. James, a captivating piece of literary history published by Williams & Norgate in 1926. This blue hardback book, accompanied by its dust jacket, is in fine condition, making it a prized addition to any collector's library. The book features a frontispiece of M.R. James, adding a personal touch to this remarkable volume.

What sets this copy apart is the inclusion of a handwritten note from M.R. James himself addressed to 'My dear Curzon.' This personal correspondence adds an intimate connection to the esteemed author, providing a glimpse into the relationship between James and his dear friend.

The original navy blue cloth, hardback book remains in fine condition, a testament to its careful preservation over the years. However, it's worth noting that there is some foxing present on the edges and first few leaves, as well as the last few pages. Additionally, there is darkening on the inside boards and endpapers, which is a natural occurrence given the book's age. Nevertheless, the text remains firm and clean, ensuring an enjoyable reading experience.

The accompanying dust jacket, while age-darkened, carries the marks of time with bumps and tears, reminiscent of its journey through the years. Despite these signs of wear, the book remains in good overall condition, ready to be cherished by its new owner.

Weighing 572g and spanning 272 pages, "Eton And King's Recollections" is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the recollections of M.R. James as he shares his insightful and captivating experiences. With its fine condition, personal note, and the enduring legacy of M.R. James, this book is a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of classic literature.