J. Sheridan Le Fanu - Spalatro: Two Italian Tales, Sarob Press 2001, Limited Numbered Edition

  • £40.00

Spalatro: Two Italian Tales, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Sarob Press 2001, Limited Numbered Edition. Edited and Introduced by Miles Stribling. Illustrations by Douglas Walters.

Hardback, yellow cloth, black writing, yellow endpapers, 60 pages.

A few numbered editions available, limited to 250 numbered copies. Conditions of all copies are like new, no visible signs of damage.

Published in Wales, UK.

First published in the Dublin University Magazine in 1843 (but not identified as being by Le Faun until 1976). 'Spalatro' has not been reprinted since its original magazine appearance 158 years ago. Set in the seventeenth century Italy, the story in here joined by its Italian 'companion' (also by its Dublin University Magazine), 'Borrhomeo the Astrologer'.