Elliott O'Donnell - Great Thames Mysteries, Selwyn & Blount, no date

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Elliott O'Donnell - Great Thames Mysteries, Selwyn & Blount, no date

"Great Thames Mysteries" is a book written by Elliott O'Donnell, a British author known for his work in the field of paranormal and supernatural. The book, published by Selwyn & Blount, is a collection of stories and legends related to the River Thames in London, England.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including ghosts, hauntings, legends, and mysterious happenings along the Thames. Some of the stories included in the book are "The Ghost of the Palace of Whitehall," "The Haunted Tower of London," "The Phantom Ship of the Thames," and "The Mysterious Death of Lord William Russell."

O'Donnell was known for his vivid writing style and his ability to create eerie atmospheres in his stories, and "Great Thames Mysteries" is no exception. The book is a fascinating exploration of the history and folklore of one of London's most iconic landmarks, and is sure to captivate anyone interested in the supernatural or the city's rich history.

Original cloth in fine condition.  Faded spine and bumped ends.  Foxing on page edges.  Tanning on endpapers.  Small blue sticker on fly-leaf.  Text firm and clean.  The date (1929) wrote in pencil on title page.  Preface dated August 7th, 1929.

Weight    620g.    Pages     288.