De La Roche - Return To Jalna, The Whiteoak Family

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De La Roche - Return To Jalna

Hardcover, no dust jacket.  Stains on cloth.  Faded spine and bumped ends.  Forward lean.  Bumped corners.  Tanning, rubbed on endpapers.  Missing title and copyright pages.  Stains on some leaves through book.  Firm text. Tanning on rear endpapers.   Fine for reading. 

Weight     425g.    Pages    408.

"Return to Jalna" is a captivating novel that takes readers on a journey through the lives of the Whiteoak family. Written by Canadian author Mazo De La Roche, this book is a continuation of her popular Jalna series, which has been entertaining readers for decades.

In "Return to Jalna," readers are transported back to the Whiteoak family estate, where they are reunited with familiar characters and introduced to new ones. The story follows the lives of the Whiteoak family members as they navigate love, loss, and family drama.

De La Roche's writing is immersive and vivid, painting a picture of the sprawling estate and the people who inhabit it. Her characters are complex and multi-dimensional, making them feel like real people rather than fictional creations.

Whether you're a longtime fan of the Jalna series or a newcomer to De La Roche's work, "Return to Jalna" is a must-read. With its engaging storyline, richly-drawn characters, and beautiful prose, this book is sure to captivate readers from beginning to end.

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