David Park Barnitz - The Book of Jade, Durtro Press 1998, Limited Edition No. 39

  • $282.00

​David Park Barnitz (1878-1901)

This edition is limited to 300 numbered copies of which this is number 39. This special edition has gold guild paper on the top and has marble card on the endpapers front and back, which is a scarce version. It has 173 numbered pages. It is a very fine condition, almost As New with almost no physical signs of any damage or wear.
Introduction by Mark Valentine.
Afterword by Thomas Ligottti.
David Tibet thanks Mark Valentine, Richard Dalby, Thomas Ligotti, Steven Stapleton, Andria Degens and Kat McKain for their assistance and Michael Laird of New York for research.
The Book of Jade was originally published by Doxey's, At the Sign of the Lark (New York, 1901). The original was a much sought after rarity until the Durtro reprint, but a couple years ago Hippocampus Press superseded the Durtro edition with an inexpensive paperback.
Durtro Press is run by David Tibet of the band Current 93. David also ran The Ghost Story Press with Richard Dalby. This then morphed into Ash-Tree Press, which Chris and Barbara Roden ran until about 2010.
This version is now out of print. The book is a volume of decadent poetry by a man who died quite young.
'Some books become talismans. Because they are strange, wildly different to the common run of literature; because they are scarce, and only a few precious copies are know to exist; because, perhaps, they liberate by transgressing the moral limits of the day; because their authors are lonely, elusive visionaries; because, sometimes, their is an inexplicable glamour about the book, so that it's readers seem to be lured into a praeternatural revevie. This book possesses all those attributes'. (Mark Valentine).
Find out more at - http://www.bookofjade.com