Basil Copper - Don't Bleed On Me (6), Robert Hale 1968, 1st Edition, Inscribed

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Inscription information:

Most of the books in our collection are dedicated to Winifred Edwards, who lived in Tunbridge Wells but it was actually David Edwards that Basil Copper was originally friends with. They both belonged to an amateur film society (We think it was called the Regency Film Unit) in Tunbridge Wells, which is where Basil met David, who was an amateur film maker.

When David died in 1973, Basil and his wife Annie remained close friends with Winifred until her death 15 years ago. David and Basil collected old films and, when David died, Basil made a list of David's films and those films were sent to the Southeast Archive in Brighton we think and called the David Edwards collection.

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