Arthur Machen - The Three Imposters, John Lane 1895, 1st Edition, London. Included interesting correspondence about the term 'Iron Curtain'

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Arthur Machen - The Three Imposters or The Transmutations, John Lane 1895, 1st Edition, London. Title page and cover design by Aubrey Beardsley. With correspondence letters.

Richard Dalby picked up on an interesting fact in this book - while the Times newspaper 10.08.1972 says that the term 'Iron Curtain' was first used by H.G. Wells in 1904 in chapter 4 of The Food of the Gods "abruptly the iron curtain rose again'. Richard read this and quickly wrote to the Editor of the Times in August 1972 to let them know that actually the term 'Iron Curtain' was first used in this book in 1895 P-86, 3rd line from the bottom. This correspondence in included with the book sale.

Hardback, licorice coloured cloth, gold lettering on the spine and white/silver lettering and illustrations on the panels. Key symbol 1895 on the back. 290 numbered pages with 14 uncut pages of adverts and 16 uncut John Lane catalogue pages.

Condition: Cloth faded a few scratched and bumps. Bruised corners and wear to the top and bottom of the spine. Spine fade, small tear to Page 3. Roughly cut. Some pages uncut. A lovely book in very good condition.