L. A. Lewis - Tales of the Grotesque, A Collection of Uneasy Tales, Ghost Story Press 2003, Limited Edition (Dust Cover from 1st Printing)

  • £145.00

Maroon coloured cloth hardback. Issued without the dust jacket, and has marbled endpapers front and back. However, we have included a spare dust jacket from the original 1994 print on this copy.

Tales of the grotesque is a collection of uneasy tales, Limited edition to 300 copies. Previously published by David Tibet, Kat Cormier and Richard Dalby, for the Ghost Story Press in 1994 and reprinted in this lovely edition with corrections in 2003. 131 Pages.

Text and Introduction by Richard Dalby.

Front board design by Steven Stapleton.

Condition: In fine condition almost as new some minor marking on front end of pages of each copy.

This is a lovely copy of the book and would make a great addition to anyone’s collection who wants to collect the first printing with the dust cover and this one too. The original was published in 1934 by Philip Allan.